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Disaster Recovery & HA

With the growing reliance on technology, it is crucial to develop a reliable plan for backup and recovery. Imagine the amount of time, money, and resources you could lose without implementing a sound recovery process.

At Entrepid, we understand that you may be challenged in the event of a disruption to your data systems. That’s why we are dedicated to designing a host and storage infrastructure that is resilient and scalable to accommodate continued business operations no matter what interference may occur.

Our unique methodology is to analyze the requirements and capabilities of each individual customer, and determine the most suitable DR solution for the environment. Entrepid is responsible for all phases of project management and is dedicated to creating a solution within your time and budget range.

Entrepid has developed DR solutions that will:

  • Help you reduce or avoid revenue losses
  • Protect your mission-critical data
  • Reduce downtime and increase employee productivity
  • Prolong business and employee activities following a disaster or other unplanned interruption

Entrepid supports all DR and HA technologies for Power Systems and IBM i including:

  • PowerHA
  • SAN replication
  • Live Partition Mobility
  • Logical replication