is a global systems integrator that designs and deploys complex business systems for its clients.

Servers & Storage

These days, ensuring business continuity can be difficult and costly no matter the size, industry, or market of your organization. At the same time, IT departments are faced with several challenging tasks surrounding server and storage management:

  • Reducing head count, consolidating server resources and tools, and simplifying training
  • Preventing risk and liability by reducing manual efforts, minimizing security exposures, and integrating disaster recovery
  • Delivering business value by reducing time to deploy, increasing system availability, and reducing manual efforts
  • Keeping up with constantly changing client and mobile systems, including desktops, notebooks, and handheld devices.
  • Providing necessary access to critical enterprise resources while maintaining acceptable levels of security, support, and software management
  • Developing a cost-effective way to store and manage information in an infrastructure that is always available, accessible, reliable, and scalable
  • Staying updated with rapid growing storage requirements such as e-commerce, e-mail, data warehousing, web hosting, online transaction processing (OLTP), multimedia creation, and editing

Fortunately, the information generated by our server and storage applications is considered by many organizations to be an asset to their companies. Entrepid has teamed with top software vendors to overcome these outstanding challenges and develop comprehensive server, client and mobile solutions.

Storage Management

Entrepid’s approach focuses on solving the challenges surrounding data storage and business continuity. We provide storage management services including:

  • Storage Requirements Definition
  • Storage Assessment
  • Storage Virtualization Planning
  • Storage Architecture Design
  • Storage Architecture Implementation
  • Disk Storage Optimization
  • Tape Storage Optimization
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) Services, including:
    • SAN Planning and Assessment
    • SAN Design
    • SAN Implementation

Server Management

Entrepid focuses on server provisioning as a means of driving profitability and establishing a competitive edge while reducing risks to your server environment. Server provisioning will provide IT administrators with a solution that will help:

  • Improve the reliability and availability of servers to minimize business disruptions and improve customer satisfaction
  • Automate IT operation management in order to respond quickly to changes in an organization’s business needs
  • Monitor performance, restore operations, and address security patch vulnerabilities to ensure business continuity