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Powerstack: Intelligent Transition

The Powerstack architecture connects your legacy systems with all-flash storage and modern backup technology. Powerstack is a converged solution that combines IBM i with industry-leading open systems compute, storage and backup.

The Powerstack Functionality

  • Designed for Primary and Target, Hub Spoke, Primary to Cloud,
    and as a Cyber Recovery Appliance.
  • Includes Entrepid automation for backup and disaster recovery.
  • Remote management through OS level.

Mitigate your Existing Risk

It’s typical that legacy infrastructure is based upon internal spinning disks and physical tapes, and that spinning disk begins to fail at increasing rates after 3-5 years of use. Restoring IBM i from backups is cumbersome by only restoring data from the previous night and with lack of efficiency. The Powerstack helps mitigate these technological risks you may be experiencing.

Experience Benefits of Modernizing

With Powerstack’s new host equipment, your system becomes faster and highly resilient. The External, All-Flash Storage Array provides a unique high-level performance and the replication process to DR array allows a failover within the hour — only minutes of data loss. With benefits of the All Flash (SSD), this replaces the disk for production to lower your cost of heat and cooling, have a smaller footprint, and ensure a longer life and lower maintenance with an expected lifetime of seven years.

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