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Back-up Solutions

In today’s data-driven world, having a robust backup system that can keep you most critical information protected is a must. Entrepid is at the forefront of flexible, cost-effective IBM solutions that are built to weather the heaviest data accumulations—and keep your business prepared for accidental loss or destruction.

We provide complete integration of IBM i backup with SAN storage solutions. Using IBM BRMS or third party backup management software, we ensure that your production systems can be backed up automatically from replicated images to virtual or physical tape.

Entrepid’s Integration and Testing Approach

With years of experience in developing backup and recovery strategies for Power Systems, we bring a wealth of expertise to deliver a comprehensive integration plan. This plan would meet your timeframe for execution while minimizing operational risks.

Our step-by-step process involves:

  • Validating and monitoring the configuration
  • Providing problem resolution consulting as needed
  • Performing backup tests after the integration stage
  • Preparing the IT environment for new backup operations
  • Knowledge transfer to ensure successful operation of equipment